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What does it mean to play the game? Winston Churchill said:

“Play the game for more than you can afford to lose . . . only then will you learn the game.”

That is the theme of my novel, Playing the Game. Which of the characters play the game to Churchill’s standard, and which do not?

I have been focused on other work in recent months and have not posted about my writing. So today I am putting in a shameless plug for Playing the Game, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and ebook formats.

Here are quotes from some of my favorite reviews of the book:

On Amazon: “This is a fascinating, fast-paced novel about the issues facing the modern corporation . . . . The characters are sharply drawn and the plot is full of interesting twists; I lost a few hours of evening sleep reading this one, as I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended!”

On Barnes & Noble: “I loved this book from beginning to end . . . . It captures the nuance of corporate shenanigans and gives unexpected insight into the closed boardroom, a place where there really are no winners. Sara Rickover is impressive in her understanding and portrayal of the company.”

On Amazon: “Just finished Playing the Game. As an HR person, I think the book really nailed it. For those interested in an insiders view of life in human resources, it is a great read!”

On Amazon: “As other reviewers noted, this book is fast-paced, entertaining, and wonderfully written! . . . . fully fleshed out characters with psychological traits and flaws . . . . If you don’t know anything about the details of how organizations and HR operates and you don’t want to pick up a dry textbook, pick up Playing the Game . . . .”

On Goodreads: “A wonderfully written novel. Although it deals with a corporate crisis and chaos, it reads like a thriller. It kept me up nights to find out how the Playland team would manage through all the problems that surface. Rickover obviously understands the corporate world.”

PTG Rickover coverPlaying the Game would make a great gift for corporate managers and professionals you know, and would also be a fun discussion or training tool for a Human Resources or management staff.

I encourage anyone with an interest in a fast-paced story of corporate intrigue to take a look at Playing the Game. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide the first few chapters for free. So check it out!

Thank you for your consideration.


P.S. Playing the Game will be featured in an upcoming anthology, Murder U.S.A., to be published by Murder Lab Press.

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Happy Holidays

snowmanI’ve noticed in prior years that this blog gets very few hits during the year-end holidays. Therefore, this will be my last post until January 5, 2015.

In the meantime, for those of you who are working on performance evaluations or next year’s objectives, please see these earlier posts on performance management and setting objectives:

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Thank you for reading this blog throughout the year, and . . .

Enjoy your year-end holidays!


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