Playing the Game (novel)

PTG front cover all caps

My novel, Playing the Game, is now available. You can buy it as a paperback and as an ebook for Kindle and Nook.

Playing the Game is a thriller set in the middle of a corporate crisis. PlayLand Inc., a family-owned toy company, careens toward bankruptcy, while its CEO lies comatose. Maura Ramirez, head of Human Resources, battles the egos, incompetence, and backstabbing of her fellow executives as she scrambles to save the company. Meanwhile, a murderer lurks in their midst.

The book could be described as Scott Adams’s Dilbert meets Michael Crichton’s Disclosure meets Arthur Hailey’s Airport. The dialogue and settings portray real-world corporate chaos, similar to what I dealt with for more than twenty-five years navigating business bureaucracies.

Although Playing the Game is a fun read, it would also make an excellent case study in an undergraduate or graduate management or human resources course. Check out the Discussion Guide at the end of the book or contact me for more information on how to use this book as a case study.

Praise for Playing the Game:

Playing the Game is a gripping, insightful commentary on the unique challenges inherent in a family-owned business.”  Peg Nichols, author, Mediation Survivor’s Handbook

From Goodreads reviewer:  “A wonderfully written novel. Although it deals with a corporate crisis and chaos, it reads like a thriller. It kept me up nights to find out how the Playland team would manage through all the problems that surface. Rickover obviously understands the corporate world.”

From Amazon reviewer: “This book gives a great behind-the-scenes view of corporate America. It held my interest through the entire book. . . .”

From Barnes & Noble reviewer: “This is a must read. Interesting and well developed characters with a strong plot. The toy business is an interesting change from the common settings and is used to the novel’s advantage. . . . “

Buy sites:

Playing the Game is available as an ebook and in paperback:

Kindle ebook (Amazon) $4.99

Nook ebook (Barnes & Noble) $4.99

Paperback (Amazon) $12.99, or as priced by Amazon, plus taxes, shipping & handling

For more information, see my author page.

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