Performance Management Redux: Flexibility Is Key

performance-reviewI provided a collection of performance management posts at the end of 2014. In the past two years, I’ve written some additional posts about performance management. Here are links to those posts:

Performance Management Isn’t About Deadwood

Performance Reviews: Make Them More Flexible To Make Them More Meaningful

Don’t Give Up on Performance Reviews

I hope these are helpful as you think about the year-end reviews you need to write.

I think we are at a crossroads on performance management in many corporations. Most organizations recognize that annual performance reviews are demotivating. Both managers and employees hate the performance review cycle. But the need remains to document objectives and progress toward objectives.

As I wrote in June, I believe the key is flexibility. And the key to flexibility is frequent review and modification.

Performance management is a dialogue, not a decree. As the organization’s situation changes, so should performance objectives for many (if not most) employees. This takes time, but then, all good communication takes time.

I believe quarterly reviews are a good compromise between rigidity and the time constraints we all face. Coupled with project reviews at major milestones, these should keep employees on track, while permitting the necessary responsiveness in our fast-paced world.

Career development conversations are also important, but that is another post. At year end, coping with the performance management process your organization currently has in place is enough.

Happy Holidays!


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